Sunday, April 27, 2008

One Enchanted Evening...

As we wrap up our dance season the girls get to show us their stuff with a dance recital!!! We have had 3 LONG evenings packed full of dance. Dress rehearsal from 4-9 on Thursday, Madison's Dance Recital on Friday and Adina's dance recital on Saturday. And boy, are we glad to be done!
Madison LOVES performing, she loves the hair, the sparkles, the make-up and getting up on the stage to strut her stuff.
These were taken before her recital....
She had no issues "hamming" it up for the camera.
This one just cracks me up! Her smile totally reminds me of Shirley Temple! Bubba, you should be proud, you always said you wanted her to dance and sing like Shirley!!!
She loved her presentation boquet and rose from Grammie (who couldn't make it)!
Family Picture! Adina was hiding intentionally.
We were so glad that Bubba and Papa could come (Donovan's mom and dad). Marsha had a horrible accident at work with a lift and crushed her legs. She is so fortunate that she didn't get hurt worse! You cannot tell by the smile on her face that she is in pain!!! Thanks for coming guys.
Grandma Wahl came all the way from Minnesota for the big event. Notice her pretty tan! I told her she can take us to Florida with her any time!

Saturday was Adina's big night! She on the other hand is not as crazy about the hair, make-up, and sparkles! (or so she likes to pretend) I think she secretly likes the way she looks but doesn't want to admit it.
She was so funny when I would put the lipstick on her she would talk with her lips poking out because she didn't like the way the lipstick felt...or the eyeshadow or the bobby pins or the way the glitter spray smelled, etc, etc...
This is Adina's good friend Gen(evieve). Who would have guessed one of her best friends would have the same name as her baby sister! Adina met Gen the week before our Genevieve was born! This is how Adina should have looked after the show, but she didn't want me taking any pictures of her in it, so she changed before I could get to her! That's my girl!!
Adina said she wanted chocolate and flowers, so Madison got very creative and stuck Rolos in these flowers for Adina
Will we ever get the family picture with every one looking the same place???
Madison was very proud of Adina's performance!
Bubba and Papa again
Grandma Wahl again!
Can you tell our temperature dropped by 20 degrees in 2 days?

Look who's 10 months old!!

We have reached the 10 month mark in Genevieve's little life! It is so hard to believe she has grown so much. She is quite close to walking. She will take a step and then get down and bear crawl because it is so much quicker. She's as happy as ever and a complete joy for our family.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Keesters of Easter Past...

I thought it would be fun to show the pictures of all three girls from their first bum painting!
Adina was 5 1/2 months old here
Madison is 7 months old
Genevieve is 9 months old
Genevieve was definitely the hardest one to paint! She was a moving target As you can see, some of her polk-a-dots ended up on her legs as she kept crawling around. Still, lots of fun and of course plenty of memories!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Keester from the DeGaetano Dillies

I have painted each girl like an Easter egg when they were a baby. This year was no exception. I wanted to make sure that Adina and Madison got in on the fun, so they got to play other parts!! We had a lot of fun. Probably the funniest part was hearing the panic coming from Adina in the bathroom as she was trying to wash the paint off of her face. She was certain she would have a bunny nose and whiskers for days!

We managed to snap a few pictures on the days before and on Easter despite a nasty flu bug that has been making its way through our family! It was a very rough Spring Break and a low key Easter. But when the tylenol kicked in we took pictures quick!! We are on the mend. I believe I am the last to recoop here, but figure that is par for the course!

We had beautiful balmy weather for our yearly Easter egg hunt at the courthouse.

Adina and Madison made these fun bunnies out of milk cartons, perfect for holding easter eggs!

I had made the decision to be more practical this year and actually didn't buy the girls frilly Easter dresses! We had nice outfits picked out, but nothing fancy or EXPENSIVE! Look how fancy we ended up being, because of being sick. Guess someone new we wouldn't be using those dresses!