Friday, May 28, 2010

A shout out...

Ok, Jesse and Brad, you will be dearly missed as you depart to Afghanistan! Know that you will be covered in prayer and thought of often! Until we can see you in person again, check back when you can and see the updates on family life. I love you both dearly! The kids love you dearly! We can't wait to start writing those letters! See you soon!

Welcome Back...

Ok, so it has been a little while. 8 months to be exact! Yikes. Life is crazy but we are doing well and I am still attempting to snap pictures at every chance. Here is a photo update.

September 2009
Madison turned 6!
Enjoyed the last of summer...
We had a beautiful baby boy
Louden James DeGaetano
Who has 3 very proud sisters who adore himOctober 2009
Donovan started building a deck for his parents....
with a stellar work crew
Our beautiful Adina turned 9!
Unfortunately, we lost the charger for the camera and the only current proof is locked away on an undeveloped disposable camera :(
Louden had his first "real" bath

rrribit, rrribit
We went trick-or-treating
Lil' pumkin
little lady bug
Kitty Cat
Arrrggghhh, matey

November 2009

Donovan - still building the deck. Check out Marsha's face!
Genevieve helped too! She said the deck hurt her mouth. But, don't worry she fixed it herself!
GG had a birthday celebration with kiddos (this is Donovan's grandma - GG stands for Great Grandma)
Had beautiful fall day for playing in the leaves. Genevieve missed the fun. She was napping.
We got to celebrate Thanksgiving with my grandma's family and my sister and brother-in-law
Brad and Jesse - wouldn't they look good with one of their own (hint, hint, wink, wink)
Never too early to become a Notre Dame fan!
Black Friday at the Mall of America
Not my best was it crowded!
We got to see Macy's "A Day in the Life of a Elf!"

December 2009

The deck is finished!
Isn't it beautiful?
Donovan graduates from NPU with a degree in Church and Ministry Management!
Adina & Madison got their first taste of CAMP. We went to a day winter camp at Covenant Harbor. We brought Adina's good friend Katiana.

Adina got a MP3 player

Madison got a DSi!
Genevieve got something to burn off her energy!
Louden got a swing
Louden & Uncle Mitchie
Donovan created a business this Christmas purchasing Zhu zhu pets for people that couldn't find them. We were able to get them for the girls!
I love the home-made gifts!
Notice Santa's elf in the background :) Donovan's dad.
First Christmas is exhausting!

January 2010
Our very good friends came to visit!
The Kramers

This leotard was one of my dance recital costumes when I was 8 or 9!
Madison had 100 day at school
We tried to get 100 pony tails but ran out of room and hair ties - we got 50!
Maddie following in mom's footsteps. Played basketball for the first time!

February 2010
Donovan starts seminary!
Louden was dedicated

March 2010
Adina got her art displayed in the public library!
There was a celebratory dinner at a local restaurant.
Marsha and I took the kiddos to Wisconsin Dells for Spring Break. We were so excited that Jesse and Brad were able to meet us and play! This was Brad's FIRST water park experience!

I just love the fact that she loves him so much!

April 2010
Genevieve with her Bitty Baby.
Adina and Maddie with our neighbor Peyton. They were entertaining people as they drove by!
Another Easter Keester
Dying Easter eggs

This is Genevieve's "boyfriend" Bill
We had a scavenger hunt to find the golden egg. This is when they realized the golden egg had a picture of a trampoline in it!
Genevieve made her own breakfast and hid under the table. In case you can't tell it's a giant chocolate bunny.
We would do anything to make him happy! Bubba is swinging him in her purse!