Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What do you think?

So Donovan has been saying that he think Louden looks like the Shrek baby since the last movie came out. What do you think?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

It hurts when I do this!

The girls got a little sunburn recently and Adina said "Well, it's feeling a little better, but it hurts when I do this with my face!" Needless to say - had to get it on film!

A Day at Wrigley Field with Daddy!

The birthday wish...

Once again the mind of a 3 year old is a beautiful thing!

Look who's 3!

Our baby girl turned 3! It is hard to believe. She was tickled to start her day and every little thing brought her excitement and joy! It is amazing to see life through the eyes of a 3 year old!

Papa got her her very own tv that she can take from room to room! She had one that got fried from a thunderstorm! Papa didn't want her to be sad :) He is a great grandpa!

Grandma Wahl got Genevieve her very own Buzz Lightyear! She is still flying him around the house! She loves it. Thanks Grandma!

Taking one of her many birthday calls. She already knows how to talk on the phone...we are in trouble! 3 girls that like the phone! Yikes!

GG is making sure Louden gets his birthday feast

Family is a great thing
Donovan's great-uncle Don from California and Uncle Bruce from Thailand

Silly girls eating their food and Donovan's Aunt Gaye smiling in background from California

Aunt Gaye again and Aunt Michelle from Thailand

Bubba trying out Genevieve's new WATERMELON sucker (she can't stand watermelon flavor - this is why we didn't tell her the flavor ;) until after it was in her mouth) You should have seen her shuddering!

Reading her own card

For some reason (ahem, DONOVAN) when you tell Genevieve someone is sad she shakes her butt in their face. So, someone said uncle Mitch was sad...See, not anymore!
Adina's great friend Katiana

One of her many birthday outfits

Doesn't everyone get naked on their birthday and ride roller-coasters?

Great pool day too...

End the day with balloons on the trampoline!