Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Walking your bike can be very dangerous!

Well, last Friday we had GORGEOUS weather. In the 70's and Madison spent all day outside. She was getting ready to take a break and was walking her bike to the back porch when she tripped and fell on the bike, the pedal to be exact and sliced open her knee! She was quite a trooper despite the initial freak out over the blood. We ended up spending 3 hours in the emergency room and left with a glued knee and immobilizer. They were going to stitch it but still immobilize it so they decided to go for the glue instead. Donovan was surprised that I was actually trying to talk them into the stitches. Only because I know the kid doesn't hold still! So, far so good and only a couple of scares thus far, but it looks like it is healing and we have a story to tell! She is excited to get to keep the hospital bracelet, ace wrap and splint when it is all done. Only 3 more days in the immobilizer! Thank goodness!!

In case you didn't know...

By the way if you are not a Facebook fiend - which I know some of you are. And in case you didn't catch my status update about a month ago, I am pregnant! Surprised!!!! So were we. We are excited to be welcoming baby #4 in September into this very "cozy" DeGaetano household. The funny thing is I found out on on January 20th! Such a historical day. All day Marsha kept saying to Adina and Madison you need to remember what you were doing today when Barack Obama was sworn into office. We forever will rember the day too for many reasons! We will keep you updated as we know more!

Learning to ice skate

Donovan took the Junior and Senior High from church ice skating and Adina, Madison and I were able to go with them. They had never been before. It took a little practice and lots of warm clothes, but by the end of the night they were pros!!

Great Grandma Nobles is 91!!

We had a chance to go and celebrate the 91st birthday with Marsha's mom. Adina was out of school for the day and we let Madison play hooky. It is not very often you get to celebrate a 91st birthday!
We got her a yummy chocolate cake from Costco! I think they are the best bakery cakes!
Adina and Madison also made her some cards and here they are sharing them with her...

Genevieve also wanted to show her something

Here's the happy crew

Finally back...

Well, we finally got a new camera and I have a few free minutes so we are going to try an do some catching up...
Madison and Genevieve were very happy to be guinea pigs for the new camera

Genevieve is talking to grammie (my mom) on the phone here. If you ever want someone to talk to on the phone...Genevieve is your gal, she would talk all day. We are in so much trouble!!

Adina, not so thrilled about the new camera!

When I can find them, I will try to throw in a couple pictures from Halloween, the girls looked pretty cute.