Sunday, November 4, 2007

Picture day

Here are just a few of the fantastic photos we were able to get today at Sears! I was very happy with the outcome!

My first tooth..

Four Months old and she already has her first tooth! Look close and you can see it on the bottom right (her right). She is getting ready to cut the left one too! I cannot believe it!

Locks of Love

Adina, Madison and I have talked at some length lately about cancer and the affects it can have on people. I was explaining to them how some people will lose their hair in treatment. They were shocked when they realized even small children can be affected and lose their hair. So, we got on-line and checked out the "Locks of Love" website. After talking about it for the past couple of months they decided to take action! About 9 & 7 inches respectively. I am very proud of my girl's tender hearts!

Unfortunately, the pictures of Madison's haircut are trapped in my cellphone. A wonderful device, but a bear when you want to try and download pics. But you get the general idea with Adina's haircut. It's funny, Adina is our one who cannot handle change! When Donovan gets his regular haircuts if there is a slight variation in style she bursts into tears and takes a couple of days to adjust, so we were a bit hesitant to let her do this. She was, however, quite insistent. And she has spent the entire day saying "I LOVE MY HAIR, DON'T I LOOK BEAUTIFUL?!" "MOM, I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE GONE SO LONG WITHOUT SHORT HAIR, I LOVE IT!" It is quite endearing.

We were scheduled for pictures today and Bubba (Donovan's mom) came to visit for the day. We had her meet us at the photo studio. We told her we had a surprise for her. And she took one look at them and said "Oh, don't you look pretty...." She was just giving them a quick once over. The first picture is that nice pat answer of a Grandma. The second picture is of her actually noticing their hair, it was very entertaining!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat!

As far as I am concerned, nothing but treats! Genevieve, getting her beauty sleep before trick or treating! Sadly, I had to wake her from her beauty sleep to go trick or treating! The things a 3rd child has to endure!

Adina picked her very own costume this year! She was very proud of the outcome. Despite a bout with Croup and Strep she was all ready to go. She certainly was ready for bed when we got home, I don't even think she had the energy to eat her "4" pieces of candy! What a mom I am I set a limit on HALLOWEEN! They'll thank me later, right?

I was finally able to find another use for my wedding veil! I figure in about 30 years when maybe we let Madison date, this can be a picture to be used on her wedding day!

What else can be said but, "Aaaaaahhh!"

Caterpillar before....Butterfly after!

Pumpkin Carving

We got a chance to carve pumpkins at church on Sunday! It was a lot of fun and as you can see the "GULP" was plenty slimy!