Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Should have seen it coming..,

So, Genevieve has always been very skilled with scissors. She tends to be our most mischievous child at the moment and last week I came into the room and she had a pair of kids scissors and was giving her dress a "haircut!" I explained that children should only use scissors with an adult present and never cut anything but paper!

So, we had a family meeting and explicitly instructed everyone to keep scissors out of her reach. Well, guess we should have extended conversation to family friends as well, because we had one over and they left the scissors down. Genevieve proceeded to cut 5 INCHES of hair from the right side of her head, she even managed to cut the back! Baffling! She then hid it under the couch (the hair!)

So, first picture I am holding back the rest of her hair to show the damage. She looks quite repentant - don't you think? The other pictures are the corrective haircut. Should be good for summer at least. I told her "Genevieve, I am so sad you cut your pretty hair!" She said "Mommy, my hair is still pretty!" And she of course is right. Nothing she could do would ever change her beauty - inside or out!

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Maria the Great said...

cute hair cut....of course, not the way one would like to plan it, but cute none the less. glad she didn't get hurt.